This is perfect dramatic background music for my last post! Game of Thrones Goat Version! They even included the new little loud baby! RISE UP!! BLEEH!!!!!


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Sports Friends: Jordy’s Nightmare At 3am, Jordy Nelson calls Green Bay teammate Aaron Rodgers when a nightmare shakes him to his core. What if the wide receiver forgot how to catch? Unrattled, quarterback Rodgers has some solid advice: Try to catch something. Unfortunately, Nelson grabs a lamp. Created by @mutsack

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Can we just grant Ian McKellan sainthood already and get it over with?

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"Would you say we’d be venturing into a… zone of danger?"

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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo - Cheers to Man Hair (by ParkAvenueGrooming)


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Romantic Beach with a Heart - by Simon__X on Flickr.

The week I’m going to spend on St. John is going to be even more blissful given all the time I’ve been putting in at work lately. I tend to use this picture as motivation to get me through the prolonged work days.

May 4th can’t come soon enough!

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