Waip’io Valley on Flickr.

Now that we have the computer desk and PC set up (that took long enough, right?), I’ve started the process of uploading my backlog of photos to Flickr.

I’m finding this to be both a fun and frustrating endeavor. Fun because I get to relive a good chunk of 2011, like our trip to the Big Island (pictured); frustrating because I’ve let so much time elapse. In the interests of completeness, I like to include the descriptions and geotags of my pictures. This can be problematic when you’re trying to remember what things are four months later. Thankfully, MoPo has a good memory for those types of things.

(Incidentally, I find it amusing that I picked this picture to blog, which I later realized is almost an exact recreation of this picture I blogged before vacation even began.)

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